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It’s a pleasure being a Butler

To my fellow Butlers, aspiring Butlers and my peers in quest of continuous improvement, welcome to the Bouteillier Series at The American Butler School,  These training programs are an extension of my lifelong quest to achieve exceptional service in the hospitality industry and will allow me to share my knowledge, experience and best practices with individuals that are equally passionate about outstanding service.

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Your investment

Being a Butler

The total cost of the one-week, 30 curriculum hour butler training program, , Limited is 2300 USD (328 USD per day). Full details on the 2-week butler training program are In the “KNOW MORE” Button below. We also offer two-week full training and one to one training everything included, We of course understand that one of your key concerns is the overall cost of the training program. We strive to keep the training program as affordable as possible, while still providing the best hands-on education available.

Exclusive discount to all students and hospitality graduates.

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Once you are studying with us you don’t need to worry about any extra costs students end up paying at other schools. With us everything is included, will stay in a beautiful private bedroom. There are no additional curriculum charges or any “hidden costs”.Considering the excellent salaries professionally trained butlers earn, plus the opportunities on the international job market, the tuition fee is a solid investment in your future. We are extremely proud to include you in our recruitment program after the training to help you find the best job opportunity.

here you start

  • Butler history and developments.
  • Household butlering and management.
  • Hotels butlering and management.
  • Personal assist and travel butler.
  • Luxury dining with butler service.
  • Guest understanding and personalized service.
  • Communication and butler standards.
  • The Fine Art of Packing Unpacking and shoeshine.
  • Romantic dinner and The Bath Experience.
  • Butler’s Pantry and service aspect.
  • Butler Attributes, today’s services requirement.
  • Handling Sensitive Guest and Household Scenarios.
  • Multitasking and working under pressure.
  • Discretion “Privacy and security” Household/Hotels.
  • Valet tasks and closet arrangement.

Learn the first class knowledge, skills of butling techniques, and the secrets of Butler Service under the guidance of the prestigious  Guild of Professional English Butlers member Clarence McLeod, Offered and managed by MK The Head Butler at The Mansion, Managing Director of YES AYS Hospitality, WOW BUTLER New York and The Founder of The American Butler School.

Course Syllabus

  •  Introductions of the two weeks training, arrival reception and a tour of The Mansion Hotel
  •  History, importance, attributes and responsibilities of a butler
  •  Power of engaging service, handling sensitive situations and the bath Experience
  •  Etiquette, protocol, table setting and service
  •  Event planning, wine, champagne and mixology insight
  •  Wardrobe management, packing and unpacking and the perfect shoe shine
  •  Guest departure by butler

*Includes transportation to and from airport or surrounding areas in Buffalo New York, as well as accommodations, meals, course material, certificates, personal sessions to assess effectiveness or current job task lists, and insight on how to enhance and market butlers.


COURSE SCHEDULE  2 0 22 – 2023

| Sep 22 – COMPLETE

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The word "BUTLER"
The word "butler" comes from Anglo-Norman buteler, variant form of Old Norman *butelier, corresponding to Old French botellier "officer in charge of the king's wine bottles", derived of boteille "bottle", Modern French bouteille, itself from Gallo-Romance BUTICULA "bottle".
The Butler Story
A butler is a domestic worker in a large household. In great houses, the household is sometimes divided into departments with the butler in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry.
American Butler school
The Butler is a key element in a team of professionals striving to showcase a level of PERSONALIZED SERVICE that exceeds not only the expectation of the Guest, but will add a point of difference from the service executed anywhere else within the hotel/household. and here is where you start.

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