A Butler is Born At The American Butler School New York

 In Butler Training
A Butler is Born
George Yang american-butler-school

George Yang American-butler-school

At The American Butler School New York
Mr. George Yang
Accomplished Butler Exceeding Expectations course B.E.E.
In school Individual Training


Professionally trained butler. Dependable, detailed, personable, and mature professional with experience in relationship building, coordinating principal’s households, problem solving, and handling confidential information.

Mr. Yang 7 Days of Butler training includes

The History of Butler Service
The Household Butler
The Hotel Butler
The travel Butler
And more

Full profile at this link | https://www.americanbutlerschool.com/george-yang/

Soon after he finished his training he already started interviews to become a Household Butler. and as he is enrolled to our training and recruitment program we will be working on his career development and always supporting him to find the right opportunities.

Please join us of saying CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Yang and the celebrating of his graduation.

And if you are or know someone looking for a professional Butler, here you go.

Please feel free to to reach out to us for more information or contact Mr. Yang directly.


It’s a pleasure being a Butler and pleasure having one.
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The American Butler School Graduation
The American Butler School Graduation