American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA


With over 15 years of exceptional service in the hospitality industry and luxury personalized service and after years of successful hospitality and private recruitment experience, We decided to have our butler school to source the demand of skilled professional and well trained Butlers to our clients worldwide for both luxury household and hotels, But not like any other school, where our training takes place in a corner of a hotel, or even space in a business center, our school is located at a real private estate. After standing vacant for a quarter-decade, this Second Empire structure was developed into Cherry Creek first restored historic Inn in 2006, The BUTLER HOUSE at The Cherry Creek Inn stands among Cherry Creek historic landmarks Erected (1860), This is why it’s perfect for you as Butler to get to feel the luxury privet household and hotel at the same time, mostly the two places where you will be looking to work as butler after the school.

We are extremely proud to offer our students such a superb training location, beautifully located very close to the historical city of Buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie at the beautiful country town Cherry Creek, upstate New York. one hour from the world’s famous destination Niagara Falls. Here you will learn how to become a first-class butler, house manager, and personal assistant. Our school and the beautiful classrooms are fully outfitted with the tools and products of fine luxury homes/hotels ensuring that students receive the precise, hands-on experience that they will use in private service.

We possess an unrivaled depth of experience in our field, we believe passionately in delivering quality, we really care about our clients, candidates, students, and delivering their needs, we love what we do and we do it best.


  • We are honored to open our doors to the world from the great and historical city at Buffalo, New York. The City where you could find Butler almost everywhere back in the days of United States of America, Originally called The Queen City for being the largest and most prosperous city along the Great Lakes in the end of the 1800's to the beginning of the 1900's, it was at one point the second largest trade port in the North after NYC. Moving forward in 2020 to our new location in Cherry Creek New York, to take a new home at BUTLER HOUSE at The Cherry Creek Inn, This old 1860 Victorian House provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of life, where you will enjoy studying to become a Butler.

    The American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA
American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

Get to know us till we have the pleasure to get to know you

We believe that our greatest source at The American Butler School  “Is our people” We offer a wide range of employment opportunities worldwide to our team. This is why we consider you one of our team upon accomplish the training program with us Learning the first class knowledge, skills of butling techniques, and the secrets of Butler Service with the prestigious Guild of Professional English Butlers member, MK The Head Butler at the historic building at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue in the heart of the Queen City at Buffalo New York.


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American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

MK Butler

The story of an Egyptian Butler, MK graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the British Institute for Tourism and Hotels Management “IBI”. He then obtained training in Steigenberger Hotel Taba and Hilton Alexandria. This training allowed MK to gain the full understanding of hospitality life and how to exceed the guest’s expectations and felt confidant to enter the field of hospitality.

American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

Clarence McLeod

To my fellow Butlers, aspiring Butlers and my peers in quest of continuous improvement, welcome to the
Bouteillier Couture at the American Butler School. These training programs are an extension of my lifelong quest to achieve exceptional service in the hospitality industry and will allow me to share my knowledge, experience and best practices with individuals that are equally passionate about outstanding service.

ABS Team at The Plaza Hotel New York

American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

The American Butler School, New York USA

American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

Testimonial and A Butler Profile

Mr. George Yang
Accomplished Butler Training | Butler Exceeding Expectations Course At The American Butler School, New York

B.E.E. COURSE In School, NY 2020

American Butler School Buffalo, New York USA

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Cherry Creek, New York. USA




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