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We are Butlers

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With 14+ years of personalized service and hospitality experience, you can trust that we’re committed to recruiting candidates that meet the unique needs of your family, keeping in mind that a Butler is trying to find you a Butler, so we know exactly what you are looking for, with a team of Butlers that will exceed your expectations.

Well trained

Or most professional

You name it, we are here to hire a professional individual that is the right fit for your family. If you are looking for a top butler, personal assistant or household manager, we place a well trained personal after passing a great level of butler and personalized service course in our school, as well we can find you the most experienced in the world of butlers.

Placement Introduction

One Time Application Fee*

  • Exceptional Candidate Selection
    We provide up to 5 highly qualified caregiver candidates to choose from. All candidates from our exclusive database are verified and background checked. Each candidate introduced comes with a complete history profile.
  • One Year (365 day) Placement Introduction
    Not quite ready to hire? Enjoy our personalized placement services when the time is right.
  • No Hidden Fees**
    There’s absolutely no further commitment or hidden fees if you’re not 100% happy with our placement introduction candidates.
How Quickly can we find someone ?

We are capable of placing someone in your home immediately. Of course, every job is different and some positions may take some time to find the most qualified individual.

When are we required to pay a placement fee ?

Once you elect to employ a candidate, a placement fee shall be deemed earned. Contact ABS Staffing for placement fee at | BUTLER@AMERICANBUTLERSCHOOL.COM

When do the candidates undertake extensive screening process ?

ABS Staffing conducts initial criminal screenings and when you elect to employ a candidate, the additional candidates screenings are performed so that you have the most recent results.

How long does it take to receive the results of the screening process?

Typical results are returned within one week to two weeks.

Can we screen the family relative of the candidate we have elected to hire ?

Yes, many of our clients elect to screen family relatives of the candidate they have elected to hire. We want to be certain that you know the background of everyone associated with your household. Additional fees will apply.

What if the candidate chosen needs to be replaced ?

We will replace a candidate for any reason as long as your guarantee is still valid. Until another candidate is hired your guarantee is frozen. ABS Staffing aids in the success of your placement and has a 99% retention rate

Is your personal information kept confrontational?

ABS Staffing does not sell our databases to anyone. All information is kept confidential.

The word "BUTLER"
The word "butler" comes from Anglo-Norman buteler, variant form of Old Norman *butelier, corresponding to Old French botellier "officer in charge of the king's wine bottles", derived of boteille "bottle", Modern French bouteille, itself from Gallo-Romance BUTICULA "bottle".
The Butler Story
A butler is a domestic worker in a large household. In great houses, the household is sometimes divided into departments with the butler in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry.
American Butler school
The Butler is a key element in a team of professionals striving to showcase a level of PERSONALIZED SERVICE that exceeds not only the expectation of the Guest, but will add a point of difference from the service executed anywhere else within the hotel/household. and here is where you start.

The American Butler School

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