I’m A Butler

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Your training includes but is not limited to:

  • Introductions, arrival reception and a tour of THE BUTLER HOUSE
  • History, importance, attributes and responsibilities of a butler
  • Power of engaging service, handling sensitive situations.
  • Etiquette, protocol, table setting and service, Event planning
  • Wardrobe management, packing and unpacking, the perfect shoeshine and bath experience
  • Arranging a personalized full arrival experience Household/Hotel
  • How to serve food and beverage and set the perfect table for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fine Dining service etiquette
  • How to serve the breakfast tray in the bedroom
  • In Room Dining etiquette Hotels/Household
  • The Butler Book, the Guest Book, the Visitor/guest Book, the Maintenance Book, the Pantry Book
  • Check in process and Guest Departure at the hotel managed by butler
  • Housekeeping job description and responsibilities
  • What a butler should never do and what butler should always do
  • Attitude and Respect
  • Your dress and appearance, grooming and hygiene
  • Butler management skills including How to hire staff and How to treat staff
  • Communication etiquette, Personal, Phone and Email
  • The importance of loyalty-butler role

THE BUTLER LIFE | The modern butler – Staff management – House/Hotel management – Table management – Laundry and Wardrobe management – Valeting skills – Communication – Etiquette & ProtocolCooking skillsMiscellaneousTravel Butler and more to learn at the American Butler School, covering both Household and Hotel service experience.

Upon arrival to the school:

  1. Meet and assist upon your arrival at the Airport: Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF), Train station: Buffalo, NY Exchange Street station, or any destination within 2 hours drive from the school.
  2. Your accommodation in our school.
  3. Two weeks-five days a week, from 60 to 90 hours of training.
  4. All training materials and white gloves.
  5. Breakfast and Dinner included; Afternoon Tea break everyday between 1:00 to 2:00 PM.
  6. Two dinners in two of our fine dining restaurants, one each week with our school director.
  7. Tour trip to visit Niagara Falls (Date to be selected during the training).
  8. The American Butler School Pin.
  9. The American Butler School Certificate and Graduation Picture.
  10. Express checkout and drop-off at the airport.

During your days of training you have access to our exclusive library, iPad, PC and printer.

I’m A Butler, American Butler School


  1. Black tie (White or Scarf optional for female)
  2. Black suit 3 pieces Pants/Blazer/Vest
  3. White shirt
  4. Black socks
  5. Black Shoes

We will provide you with white gloves upon arrival, so please consider to bring with you a suit that fits you perfectly just following the colors above.

I’m A Butler, American Butler School

Free Time:

At your days off we do offer optional activity’s in the beautiful area around Cherry Creek, including Amish tours, Horse riding, Ski resort and more.

What is required to join our training program?

Except for a working knowledge of English, and a minimum age of 18, no previous training or experience is required. “School English” is fine. We are a butler school and not a language school, and your English capabilities will not be graded. Of course, you must be able to communicate in English and understand the lessons that are all in English. Gender and age are not important either. What is very important, is having a service oriented attitude and the right personality for this esteemed profession.

To know more about our Exclusive discount to all students and hospitality graduates PLEASE CONTACT US.

For full training price list please CHECK HERE.

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I’m A Butler, American Butler School
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+1 718 577 1178


Delaware Ave. Buffalo New York. USA


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